Acute inflammation


Immunology basic science

Microbiology and Immunology Online USC


Primary and secondary lymphoid organs

Primary Bone Marrow and thymus
Secondary Lymph nodes Spleen Mucosal associated lymphoid tissue


more immunology


Cell mediated immunity


Humoral / antibody mediated immunity


Immunoglobulin classes

Immunoglobulins  GAMED
IgM Immediately produced
IgG Greater (sustained) response

Antibody Classes Features
Ig M
Ig G
Ig A
Ig D
Ig E


Hypersensitivity reactions

Type I IgE asthma eczema rhinitis urticaria food allergy anaphylaxis
Type II Cytotoxic ABO/Rhesus incompatability AHA goodpastures
Type III Immune Complex Ag/Ab RhA SLE GMN vasculitis hypersensitivity pneumonitis serum sickness
Type IV Cell Mediated contact dermatitis post primary TB


Classification of hypersensitivity reactions ACID

  • Type I – Anaphylaxis
  • Type II – Cytotoxic-mediated
  • Type III – Immune-complex
  • Type IV – Delayed hypersensitivity

Hypersensitivity reactions USC Microbiology and Immunology online


Anaphylaxis (immunology and allergy)


Diagnosing allergies

Diagnosis of allergy BASCI


Patch testing

Patch testing DermNet NZ


Food allergy in children



Severe combined immune defficiency syndrome


Autoimmune disease


Transplant medicine


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