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Developing a service

Aims. Why do you think there is a need for such a service? You may mention your personal aims in carrying out this project in this section if you wish.
Method. How did you establish the need for this service? What evidence is there in the literature that such a service will improve patient care? How did you go about planning and implementing this change? What method do you recommend for evaluating the service?
Results/findings. This section can include a description of the service and any evaluation if you have reached that stage. There could be a presentation of the evidence for the service here.
Discussion. Have your aims been met? The discussion could look at the strengths and weaknesses of the service, resource implications, management issues and the effect on other services. Are there further changes you would like to make? What have you personally learned from this exercise?
Conclusions. Sum up your main points. What further work could be done on this area?
References. You may want to refer to papers on managing change as well as those related to the service being created.
Pulse Business and Comissioning Peter Smith  16/11/11


Community engagement

NICE PH9 Community engagement 11 Feb 2008


Community Oriented Primary Care


Business planning


BMA handbooks on Business Planning for Drs



BMA (members) Guide To Bidding & Tendering

PBC jargon buster

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