A comprehensive online Med school may still be some way off.

The evolving list below contain some great resources but medicine is still a bit under-represented (you-tube excepted)

youtube education has some good stuff but much more can be found searching the main youtube site or even our own youtube channels

Khan academy 2600 (and counting) short videos covering maths, science and everything – currently about 30 medical presentations

Technology Education Design TED

Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Top 50 Health Medical Open Courseware Classes Web health blog

FNP Top 25 Open Courseware Sites

Undergraduate Medical and Health Open Course Ware

25 Sports Medicine open courseware classes Futuremedica

100 Open Courseware Collections in Health and Medicine

John Hopkins School of Public Health

101 Open Courseware Projects edu.toolbox

Top 50 University Open Courseware Collections DIY learning

Tufts Open Courseware

MIT Open Courseware Massive open courseware site but with limited medical resources

iTU some good stuff but not loads – locked into the Apple walled-garden


Saylor Foundation

Open Yale

Open Courseware Utah State

Open learning Carnegie Mellon

Notts University Nursing Open Courseware

Online University Rankings

Open Courseware Consortium

Open Courseware finder

Open Questions on Open Courseware Inside Higher Ed

MIT online what does it mean ? Wired

iTunes U how to turn your expertise into an effective online product

iTunes U The future of academic medicine Darrell Kirch University of Chicago 2009


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