References to trials, original papers and other primary sources can be found via links to the original articles, news items, or summaries from NeLM, eCAB or similar.

Access to some of the journals/sites requires a subscription or at least a password

Students and Clinicians can get an Athens Password from their PCO, employer or college to access the full article then use a reference manager eg zotero to save the full citation – a 2-3 click process especially if using a password manager like Lastpass or similar – depending on how your computer or the site handles cookies

Pressbooks does allow footnotes and we will look at including these to improve attribution and academic provenance

Students, exam candidates and others seeking more analysis and interpretation may want to look at The GP Update/NB Medical Handbooks, BMJ/NHS evidence etc, or any of the nMRCGP Exam Preparation/Hot Topics books listed above.


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